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Reviews for "Super Grower"

This is an interesting game that's plagued with several distracting annoyances. The first example is that the screen is constantly shaking every time a shape gets destroyed. As a result, this is extremely distracting and makes it difficult to move around when you can't tell where your square is moving. Another example is the trailing effect of your square as you move, making it difficult to understand where your hitbox is. This is horrible for a bullet hell style game.

The last complaint I have are the blue homing squares. Having homing projectiles as obstacles is not a bad idea but having them constantly home in on you, even when offscreen is incredibly annoying. It's just not fun to be killed by a bullet that hits you from offscreen with no chance of reacting to it.

Overall, this is a good idea for a game but is filled with several distracting elements that make it harder than it needed to be.

I beat level 22! My arm hurts! LOL!

Too hard...

Many bugs but great overall design!