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Reviews for "TD-The Strike"

Reminds me back in high school senior year. People slack in class, not this guy. ;) And during collage, oh no sir; there is no room to slack. Shame on you Dave! XD

Your lucky you only wasted about 2 weeks Dave, I now know the value of time but there was a time I just didn't care about that shit and I sadly wasted about 5 years of my life doing absolutely nothing. I won't go into detail but I was, I honestly don't know what to say just typing this is making me depressed/angry at myself for what I did, or didn't do. It's like they say "You don't know how precious time is until you lose it".

I like the style =))

I would fucking hate my teachers so much.

I would fuck them over any way I could if they would fuck me this hard.

Gotta love these uplifting glimpses into the life of a post-adolescent art student! Turned from a wild and unequivocal orgy to a somber reflection on the importance of education, though... wasn't expecting that progression. What a clash. Wisdom and entertainment and all.