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Reviews for "TD-The Strike"

Great drawings.

I would fucking hate my teachers so much.

I would fuck them over any way I could if they would fuck me this hard.

I like the style =))

F*** STRIKE! i admit school may be stressing… all the time in my case in fact, but as you said, strike is probably the worst. You pay for school and you dont get any. MAN i'm glad my teachers don't do that, apparently they love their job and YES! i actually after 2 years of trying, finally got a spot at 3D College ;D although it's stressing as f***. gotta' learn 3D - Phgotoshop - Design and Web coding all in only "almoast" 2 years. in any other cases, "Hooray for strikes!" i guess

Your lucky you only wasted about 2 weeks Dave, I now know the value of time but there was a time I just didn't care about that shit and I sadly wasted about 5 years of my life doing absolutely nothing. I won't go into detail but I was, I honestly don't know what to say just typing this is making me depressed/angry at myself for what I did, or didn't do. It's like they say "You don't know how precious time is until you lose it".