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Reviews for "The Soda Machine"

My favorite part is when the band creates a giant monster at 12:20 awesome idea poor soda machine!

lol inuyasha. It just started to bcome an AMV kinda when that song started cuz that was so late 90s and early 2000's as soon as you hear a pop song from a band like V6. SIGHS...man...i love stick figures...

wait whut...even antman couldn't get the machine to work or break or shrink soda and come back out with soda and make it giatn size? X_X lol

Hmm..im surprised u didn't use Fate series, but thats okay

very amusing and funny, loved it!

Well its not all good here, but cant mark any other then 5 of 5
its great hard work, sure
a little boring at all but interesting and catching same time
all that styles from movies... i never seen mostly :)
And .. what rlly wrong/dislike here: that part with earth breaking at _middle_ of show
it can be real logical final to all this fighting crazines
but actual ending.. sorry its even stupid comparing all other show

Such inspiring music, such elaborate silhouette landscapes and such an insane battle... all to fulfill that soda craving! The precious Popsi. The battle monologue , and rage that just builds and builds... they sure have some pretty tight security on those vending machines huh. XD Entertaining. And so much variation!!! Really an incredible amount of animation surrounding this one specific machine. It could've been a whole collab! It's longer than most of those too. So much. Could've been a series... props on an ununderstandable amount of work and inspirations involved here, and finally, victory. :) Nice work.


That was fun to watch........Nacho ?......Really