Reviews for "Basala: The Onion"

Such a good game and huge improvement from your previous game! The music's very relaxing.

hosani69 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. Am Glad that you liked it!

This is an amazing game that I really enjoyed the later level difficult makes the game much more fun this game has that one more go feeling! My only critique is the difficulty curve is strange as the first 5 levels are extremity easy then they go to quite hard!

It's a fun game even tho it lags because it's a bit slow, another thing save slots could be added, a pause button could've been added. Also you got some broken medal because I passed levels 9 and 10, think you could fix that?

Fun concept, nice touch making it an onion instead of an animal, + the NG badges adds more weight to succeeding each level.
Through I got fed up of restarting because of either not finding the last bomb, or because of the controls : I sometimes get stuck and can't jump (just lost all my lives on lvl 9, each time it was on the 6 blocks on the very right side :/ )

Anyway GJ, keep it up and thanks!

4/5 I would put 5 or at least 4 and a half but man. You made the same mistake that rayman ps1 did, there should not be lives in a hard game because than it would make it a total nightmare. Other than that great game! I just don't like lives in games in total even if it is easy for example: yoshi's island did lives very well by making it a super hard game but at least you don't go to the first level, either that or i'm just bad at platformers lol.