Reviews for "The Vampire Diarrhea"

this game ant that good i just think its just not for me

IDK I had a lot more fun in the intro level than anything in the game. Could have had some draining, bat-flying fun instead. Oh well.

Is it just me, or was there no IV on those disappearing blocks? Seems like it skipped right from V to III...

Not only does it lag from time to time, this game is unbeatable thanks to a level where the door to a roll of toilet paper is floating in the air so you can't even enter it.

A basic platformer with occasional timed levels. Overall just boring

SCREW THIS GAME I AM SO PISSED NOW AFTER HAVING A GOOD DAY AHHHHH as soon as you added 10 secound part it became to hard on the round where its make 19 jumps in 10 secs your fucken nuts please make timer longer the game is cool but its really close to impposible and too soon I dont really wanna see rest of game cause I dont wanna see how you make this harder its crap crap
DONT PLAY THIS GAME TILL THEY FIX THE 10 SEC TIMER K ! this is a waste of medals in my eyes