Reviews for "The Vampire Diarrhea"

Not only does it lag from time to time, this game is unbeatable thanks to a level where the door to a roll of toilet paper is floating in the air so you can't even enter it.

IDK I had a lot more fun in the intro level than anything in the game. Could have had some draining, bat-flying fun instead. Oh well.

Is it just me, or was there no IV on those disappearing blocks? Seems like it skipped right from V to III...

Stefano Cagatore... muoio! Complimenti, ad maiora!

really good clasic plataformer
there was a good balance between hard levels and movement
well done

i really like this !

the artwork , idea and gameplay are good , only problem for me is the timed levels are too hard , especially the one im stuck on now - the one with the flickering lights which seems impossible at the moment ...