Reviews for "The Vampire Diarrhea"

Oh you Munguia you! you've never let me down... yet.
This game is charming in its own way, tho too simple. I think even some distorted soundtrack would have worked perfectly, but whatever, it's good and challenging enough and with an original concept as well, love it.

hehe, funny little game. But timed sessions are a no go for my nerves. ;)

Not bad, not bad at all. I couldnt get past the 2nd timer misson, but I enjoyed this game nevertheless.

Loved the artwork and the way the intro blends into a tutorial blends into a level select. Clever design. If there was one issue that I feel becomes really annoying really quick, is that the
jump height or collision detection is just narrow enough that you can jump and not quite make it really easily, making the first timed level harder than it should be because it's possible to lose a lot of progress with just one bad jump.

Game was pretty short and sweet, nice sprite-work.

Would suggest a quick-reset button, was a few levels where I would make a mistake and just have to sit there on waiting on the timer.

The puzzle room with the floating door can glitch if you quickly tap the button when exiting the door in the middle, causing any further down-presses to just teleport you to the upper-right door soft-locking the level.

Munguia responds:

You can reset any level by Kill the vampire, just press down he will drop the platform down to fall the pit