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Reviews for "Roundscape Adorevia: Emek's Rest"

Yeah . . . This game is no joke. This is just about what every other adult game creator wants to amount to. It's worth 10 bucks. Feels like a classic Final Fantasy game. In fact, have any of you worked in Square Enix, perhaps all of you?

I'd bet if you slapped this puppy on Nutaku's desk this could become a staple trademark in adult gaming, blow everything else out of the park, gain a million or so more traction (maybe exaggeration), and wipe the floor with the expectations of everyone, everywhere.

All you need is a hard copy of this game to be released to VisualBoy Advanced Color Premium and someone might think this is a stolen Japanese Title. Hands down, amazing work.

what does the cheat do?

any one know the cheats or there only patreon

This was really good I loved it!

Great Game! sometimes a bit lacking in the animation but otherwise fun. Demo still has crashes and some things which were less than obvious on how to use. ie the shield maiden following you can cause some glitchy-ness in movement.
hope to see more from you!