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Reviews for "Roundscape Adorevia: Emek's Rest"

what does the cheat do?

When I slept at the inn and got woken up by Oros, I got a "Error Failed to load: img/parralaxes/fog4.png"
it was pretty good till then.

Kaliyo responds:

Fixed! :)

any chance you would know how to fix getting the error "failed to load: img/parallaxes/fog4.png" after i get to the point where i rest for free and the town gets attacked? otherwise really well built game imo

saving doesn't work for me in this game either and I haven't even choosen anything like Icognito mode, I'm not even sure how that works on the pc itself. Everything that I aren't normally using I return to the normal state later, so I don't think that it is on even if I should have used it once.

I liked the lizzard scene, she wasn't exactly ugly and I liked the background with that idiot of an husband

Why is the save not working? I try saving but nothing happens.

Kaliyo responds:

Savefiles are stored in the HTML5 cache of your browser, if you play in incognito mode for example the game won't be able to save. Also the game runs best on chrome or firefox.