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Reviews for "Waterhole"

1:39 Why ?

The animation and artwork is amazing! Your sound choice is spot on, the entire presentation in general is professional grade all around and I can certainly appreciate the amount of time this must have took to make.

That aside, your storytelling needs work, a lizard and his pet (friend maybe?) snail are traveling the desert looking for water, a bird in a tower also just ran out of water and they both find the water at the end. A stork scares the bird in the tower and then he shoots him down with an admittedly impressive shot from a trebuchet, and the stork lands on the cultists altar and they eat him. That's it?

It's really easy to make a story with no dialog, the main thing to remember is goals, conflict and resolution, what is each character's goal in the film? what is the conflict that keeps them from achieving that goal, and finally, how do they overcome it? This is basic story composition, now of course you can turn it on it's head and twist it and flip it around and by all means be creative with it, but those are the the basics and they need to exist in some way for a cohesive story.


This was really nice the "ARTSY" feel and "ARTISTIC" backrounds are pretty nifty the visuals are really nice you really outdid yourself on this one, really nice use of color too, Another film that doesnt need changes becuase its pretty solid, Alright I am enjoying how you have got everything going here, To be honest I am head over heels on the direction of this piece, and do hope you make future projects in the same direction.

Another film that doesnt need changes becuase its pretty solid,