Reviews for "Waterhole"

Damn, this is good. Animation was smooth, character design was on point, fun little story. Good length as well.
I hope you graduated with this, man.

TheScollop responds:

Thanks for the kind words! It did one better and got me my first industry job! Glad you enjoyed!

1:39 Why ?

A neat little thing.
The animation is nice. I appreciate the detail in how the various creatures move. The cult leader moves in little jerks like a bird, the tower one turns his head sideways to look through the periscope, etc.
The colour composition is also very nice and compliments the atmosphere very well, which is one of those things you often don't notice when it's done right because it blends in so naturally, but I can see a lot of work went into that.
I like the intro/outro music, it creates a harsh sort-of "dog eat dog" atmosphere, although the animation itself has a slightly more whimsical and silly tone than I feel the music implies. The background music feels very fitting, doesn't stand out too much but helps convey the tone of the scene, apart from the stork (?) eating scene.
As others have mentioned, the stork (?) eating scene stands out a bit with how abrupt it is and how out of place the music feels. It's obvious you were pressed for time, but for what it's worth I think you did alright with what you had. Other minor things would be that in some shots some things don't move at all, which feels like an oversight, and the tree trunk transition is a bit jarring due to the brightness gradient being weird, I think you left some extra frames in there.

All in all, solid effort. Did it do well in your assignment?

The animation and artwork is amazing! Your sound choice is spot on, the entire presentation in general is professional grade all around and I can certainly appreciate the amount of time this must have took to make.

That aside, your storytelling needs work, a lizard and his pet (friend maybe?) snail are traveling the desert looking for water, a bird in a tower also just ran out of water and they both find the water at the end. A stork scares the bird in the tower and then he shoots him down with an admittedly impressive shot from a trebuchet, and the stork lands on the cultists altar and they eat him. That's it?

It's really easy to make a story with no dialog, the main thing to remember is goals, conflict and resolution, what is each character's goal in the film? what is the conflict that keeps them from achieving that goal, and finally, how do they overcome it? This is basic story composition, now of course you can turn it on it's head and twist it and flip it around and by all means be creative with it, but those are the the basics and they need to exist in some way for a cohesive story.

Solid 4 stars at that. Some people just can't appreciate a world that's created with care. Excellent work.