Reviews for "Waterhole"

I really like the style. It's super cool. Animation is great as well, and you've got a great atmosphere. It's very weird and really feels like a desert. The whole thing has a sort of dark sense of humor. The music was pretty cool as well. You've crafted a unique world all about survival. All of the characters exist within the world and they all feel like they're just trying to make it. I also love the cult, it plays into that dark but silly humor. I love how one of the birds had its beak buried in the sand. All the plain zoomed out shots help with the realism. One thing that I felt didn't really fit was the cult eating the bird. It was a bit too short, though I did appreciate the surprise factor.
Overall, this was great, both surreal and real somehow.

TheScollop responds:

Thanks so much for the review! I agree about the devouring scene, sadly didn't have time to make it as long as I'd planned.

Felix would be proud to see his impact on animators worldwide

TheScollop responds:

This actually screened alongside one of Felix's films at a festival in Melbourne where I met him! Nice that you can see the inspiration!

Amazing animation very good flow to it and the cannibalistic birds were really interesting

it was fast and short but jeez...a bird crashes and the cultures/condors eat it while its eyes cry out blood.....yeesh...teen rating...

that snail is cute tho


Or is it a snail? idk.
Anyway, love the art. The colors and art style remind me of disenchanted on netflix, while the feel reminds me of cartoons on tv from when i was a kid. good stuff.