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Reviews for "Waterhole"

4.5 stars, the animation is superb and the color pallet fits well with the overall concept, I could actually see something like this as an adult cartoon, the music choice is pretty spot on too, but you need to work on your story telling though. The story isn't wholly indecipherable but it is difficult to understand and follow, I think it's even harder to tell a story well using no dialogue than it is to tell a story with dialogue, so something to make the story easier to fully comprehend would have been much appreciated, but like I said overall it was quite good.

Amazing purely Amazing. The style of the music, pacing and the backgrounds remind me of Felix Colgrave.

I greatly enjoyed the friendship of the lizard and the snail. The clouds and sun were my favorite parts artistically. =)


Or is it a snail? idk.
Anyway, love the art. The colors and art style remind me of disenchanted on netflix, while the feel reminds me of cartoons on tv from when i was a kid. good stuff.

Fascinating hints at a larger story, I like it!