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Reviews for "Waterhole"

I can't say anything bad about this, the animation is fluid, the character designs are outstanding, and the music, though a little off-putting with the theme of the animation itself, fits in it's own odd little way.

That bearded vulture scene though xD I knew shit was gonna go down.

TheScollop responds:

Thankyou! Great to hear you enjoyed it!

What it was?
Seems good but overcomplicated. Is it story or just bunch of events? Characters somehow conected or not?
I don't know.

Yeah, I agree with a lot of the comments here: the Felix vibes certainly shine through in all the right ways! Haha, excellent work, pal. I particularly liked the animation of the bird approaching the telescope, and the way the worshipping vultures moved!

I am a big fan of anthropomorphic characters who are more animal than human. Good Job! I particularly liked the bit where the bird was walking back towards the telescope, the animation was really awesome.

Awesome lizard; reminds me of Li Bai.