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Reviews for "Journeyboi v.1.0"

Actually it is gay content, but there was no warning for that. The animation is well done.

2 Stars for the animation
-2 Stars for gay content without warning
-1 Star for the "game" being only a animation with some different settings

answer to creator: only because it has "boi" in its title that doesnt mean its gay content. Boy is a hint that the person you are playing is male not female. Also, this is listed under games thats what i rate it as a game. it is no game so there is one star minus, simple as that.

Likkez responds:

Umm it literally says 'boi' in the title. Also where does it say its a game on this page?

I would get that pregnant

definetly amazing,just needs to be able to cum and it'd be perfect

This is top notch. I love everything about this: the attention to detail, the way certain sounds vary in volume depending on the perspective, the fluid animation, the juicy sounding dicks and booty. All it need now is some cum animations at the end, and seeing that horse cock stretch his ass out.

Can you make a girl version of this? I love the animation, but I ain't gay.