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Reviews for "Square Shooter"

Great Game!

I love the concept as well as the music. Fun game to pass the time!

a very fun little game

fun topdown shooter to pass your time on, the simple graphics with nice particles making the gameplay look nice, however I feel like the game is too slow, if it was faster it would me much fun running around shotting other blocks, aside from that its a nice game to spend your time on, the gameplay doesn't get boring fast and its enjoyable, however I feel like there should be more enemy variety making the gameplay feel more fresh.

overall fun pasttime game to play if your bored, however it could be better so I hope you improve and see you grow.

Graphically fantastic.
Controls, also fantastic.

The issue is there is really no challenge. Maybe if you had different variation of enemies, e.g. faster, smaller, bulker ones. I think a mixture of enemies would work well if the combination of weapons the game has, but at the moment I got the double firing shotgun and never picked up another box.

This was fun. The randomly generated weapons were interesting. It was cool that there were such subtle nuances to the usefulness and drawbacks of the weapons. The music was the real gem here. It had almost a C64 Ron Hubbard aspect to it. (This is never a bad thing.) The visual aspects of it were odd, and it was wise of you to include switches to control them to some degree.