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Reviews for "ThePowerOfWhat"

Looking for a big clue? Go to the last paragraph.

I got horribly stuck for a few minutes. I didn't read the game description or notice the hints changing, so I got to level 5 without realising I had any new abilities beyond starting/stopping the music and being able to use my lives on the monsters. (Level 4 involved some jumping while .)

Finally, I noticed that the text at the top had changed, then read the game description to realise what was up.

Nice little puzzle platformer, very meta!

THE CLUE (SPOILER): every level becomes incredibly easy once you realise that *every single level* you get a new "power". The powers are used by clicking on the right things, and the text at the top of each level is a hint about what to click on.

Great game with a great puzzle concept I never had thought of before and it's quite inventive with how the game pulls this off. Though I would've liked more of a button interaction with objects from the player to make the concept more central around the character's actions itself but that's just a nitpick; by all means this is a great simple inventive game.

I beat level -2. Was there anything after that?

joqlepecheur responds:

nope well played
Edit: now there are

omg, I love this game to bits and pieces! The mechanics of this game are just absolutely amazing! thank you joqlepecheur for creating this game it is so awesome! Please continue making games like this and your career as a game designer or whatever you want to be will be very successful!

joqlepecheur responds:

thanks for the encouragement :)

I love that the sounds make different pitches at random! what a cute touch. Glad you took the metroid approach, where the player learns on their own to progress. Level 9 can't be the end...