Reviews for "Corrupted Space"

Quite honesty better than any of the other Pico-engine games. This is a fun platformer, with good level design and an interesting mechanic. Collecting dots and keys to progress is cool, but maybe a weapon or an in-game collectible for finding a hidden area/ easter egg would be cool. I understand that making horizontal gravity changes would take away from the challenge of the game, but would probably make the gameplay a little more fluid. Good game.

the game was great, the only complaint i have is that in some levels when the turret shoots the screen would shake a little bit to much, causing me to sometimes lose track on where i was, but other then that it was great all around!

Though not a too new game concept, it was very fun, easy to control, and the game concept, as well as new unknown elements, were fast to understand and introduced appropriately. However I found the graphic surroundings irritating, especially the green flying objects around me, the following keys, and sometimes also the birds. It was hard to follow where I actually am, and I feel that figuring out your position should actually not be a challenge in this concept. At the level with the key in a one-column space on the left I also found myself trapped inside the doors, although they were still closed.

Nevertheless well executed with nice modern pixel art and a clever level design which could exploit almost every aspect of every tile, and also in their respective combinations.

Superb game ! Really !
I loved the glitch at the last level... ;)

Pretty good! The amount of screen shake did become a bit annoying after a while tho