Reviews for "College University pt 6-2"

Pretty Weak,,,,,

its one of the wrost,,,,, Star Wars Parody was Pretty funny but nothing Special,,,, Better Luck next Time,,,


Yes I have seen most of your episodes but I feel your dashed episodes are very poor ... sometimes go on forever with a conversation with no comic flavor in it. EX. Two robots talking to each other ... that didn't make any sense and didn't have anything funny about it.

Parks2 responds:

Well the point of that whole conversation was to play up an uncomfortable conversation between 2 friends that haven't seen each other in a long time. If you are unfamiliar with Transformers, then the joke is lost on you.

nice dude really funny.awesome

i really liked the whole klub karl idea.the whole idea of a pothead ninja runnin a club is hysterical

haha this is sweet

lol this rocked and so did all ur other flash good job dudes


The Chaos Gods go Wherever They Please

You dont need to see my identification

God this series is the best i have ever seen! The use of all these odd people. Who would have imagined a college with Big foot Prime Macho Man and An alien in it! I dont want to know how you came up with this stuff. 10 out of 10!