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Reviews for "Five Freddys at Night"

The graphics are certainly very cool and I like the concept. It's pretty fun and funny, though not very intuitive. It's nice that there are medals, because finding some of these things is hard. It's mostly clicking in the most random parts of the screen and combining things for no obvious reason. I haven't been able to find all the Freddys or all the secrets. I like the atmosphere, it's very weird and cool. The sounds can be very annoying if repeated a lot. And you have to repeat things a lot to find some things in the game, so naturally, you try this as much as you can. That's another problem. You use the same trick multiple times. It can be pretty amusing to stack up characters on the screen, so I'll give you that. Overall, it's a weird and fun game, but very unintuitive. Maybe if it wasn't for a jam, you could have made some puzzles that make sense, and maybe you could carry items over or something. Kinda like that game GNOG.

Not a bad game. I like the pixel graphics and all of the characters you implemented into it.

But it's just a game where you randomly click everything a bunch of times to try to get something new to pop up. There's not a whole lot to it. You've definitely made better games.

I couldn't really understand this game. I only checked it out because it had a lot of medals. I don't even know if I found any secrets. It just seems to have no aim. I guess it's fine for something quick. I just can't get behind it.

The colors are pretty good. Isn't it early for Halloween? Well, it wasn't explicitly about Halloween anyways. The music's pretty good. It's just not fun from you.

Neat game. I don't really understand the goal of the game other than to press all the things, even in a pattern. I did press things in patters, and was able to get all the freddies, and most of the "Top X" achieves. Nice pixel art style, cool animation and fun references.

This was easy but boring so 3/5