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Reviews for "Foreign Frugglers"

Slick game! Love the style and feel of it.
Took me a while to get past wave 3, but I made it. Now to kill that thing after it...

UltimoGames responds:

thanks jeroenman!

Okay this is pretty good:
- Sprites & Backgrounds are superbly well-done
- The Tone has a nice Arcade/Retro feel to it like Namco & Atari games mixed together
- Gameplay Mechanics are really good to control

UltimoGames responds:

Thanks GokuXVLegend!

OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!You don't see this all the time

I went and bought this on Steam. Can't wait to see your other works there.

Jennifer is my fav. She reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez. I'm guessing Johnny is Duke Nukem and Sylvia is an Elle Driver reference, but whose Juan?

UltimoGames responds:

Can you write a review on steam maybe? Before the new update, I need to have enough reviews to get that thumbs up thing. Juan is just a bald, square pixelguy in a green suit :) The Endless Mode update will feature four new characters and new fruggler types. Thanks Cocacola!

i like this game. its challenging and thats what i like about a game. if a game isn't challenging the player wont feel that there is anything important to acomplish at all and get bored. also im stuck on the final boss and its ashame that the grenade launcher cant reload. the only thing that i dont like about this version (although it was already solved when you made the endles version) it has an arcade feel. thats not bad in fact its one of my favourite types of games. but when a game has an arcade feel it cant have an end. it has to involve various loops, bonus levels and maybe a few secrets. like i said this problem was solved because you created foreign frugglers endless mode and there is a way to escape the aliens. i guess that counts as a secret huh? anyway nice job and keep making games.

UltimoGames responds:

Yeap, fixed most things for the Steam version. I don't think all Arcade games are endless though, but there should be a way to rack your score up in a spectacular way. Good to hear that you found the secret escape in Endless mode, not many people know that :) Thanks REDBULLADDICT64 !