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Reviews for "The Sound Pursuit 2"

Really captures the tediousness of being a musician, well done!

Good idea

nice job thx forthat I luv this game but can you give this updates I want to see the things that happen or and I liked this game keep up the goodwork ok :)

It's a nice game, somewhat fun and interesting but some of the medals don't work, like I got a million fans medal and that's broken.

I liked this. Hope for a more extensive version later. And more depth. Like, when a band has been on a massive tour, the record sales should soar, and that among both new and old albums and singles. Also I "have" earned all the medals possible, but they do not register for some reason.
5 Years played
10 Years Played
100K sold album
100K sold album totals
1M sold total
Skills 50+
1M fans
1M sold singles
25 years
10M total sold albums
10M total sold singles
Skills 75+