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Reviews for "A Hat on Time"

pretty cool, reminds me of castlevania design where the most obvious path at first glance is constantly bombarded. the mechanics are also cool but i havent played a hat in time so i dont know how much of that was original, great demake either way. also what other people saying about the jumps are sticky just sounds like it doesn't really mean anything, the mechanics are cool and done well which is most important.

platformalist responds:

Hi WorthlessProtoplasm!

The behavior of the hookshot is quite different than A Hat in Time, tbh. Their hookshot is a grab-and-swing mechanic, while mine is more of a latch-and-pull. They also use balloons for fancy jumps, and birds with danger-vision zones. So yeah, a lot of it pays homage to the original game, but it's implemented differently because, well, theirs is a 3D commercial release, and mine is a lil 2D jam game! :)

I'm glad you had a good time with it, and thanks for the feedback! :)

I never experienced delayed jumps in this game, but that might be just me. I don't usually like platformers; they piss me off easily. Having said that, the later levels in this game felt *good* once I'd gotten the hang of it. I found that some one-block platforms had smaller hitboxes that you'd think, but that was easily fixable. I dig it.

platformalist responds:

Hi Firelion348! Thanks for playing! :)

Some of the map tiles don't read 100% accurately because the player's hitbox is detected based on their horizontal direction - so it's sometimes a little too easy to clip through the corner of an object when you're moving an unexpected direction. Hopefully in future games I'll be able to completely nail down collisions - they're notoriously difficult to master! Thanks so much for the feedback, I appreciate it! :)

I loved this one, that last part took me almost 10 tries, nice work!

platformalist responds:

Hi MewArts! :) Good job on the last screen, it's a tricky one! Thanks so much for playing! :)

am i the only one who read the dialog with their voices :D

platformalist responds:

Hi Sp4c3xCo0Ki3! Thanks for playing! :)

I definitely muttered a lot of lines in their voices while writing the dialogue, to get the voices right. :)

Are the controls supposed to be so bad? Sometimes I won't be able to jump and walk at the same time.

platformalist responds:

Hi xAyjAy! Thanks for playing!

No, the controls aren't supposed to be bad. :P The jump / walk issue that you mentioned only occurs when there's a lot of jumps in a row, and it may have something to do with my using btn() instead of btnp() in my code. I'll do my best to avoid that issue in future games. Thanks for the feedback!