Reviews for "Madness Storm-Part 2"

Guys killing each other, but without some story about why and who these guys are it leaves the viewer impartial.

In original Madness we knew that there was the one good guy and his mission was to kill sheriff, then Clown, then to restore normality. Additional characters like Demos and Sanford got introduced gradually and had unique personalities. Here it all happens too soon and too over the place, makes the viewer to not care.

you can switch to as2 in the properties menu if your in cs6 atleast.

FIM-92 responds:

I don't have a CS6.

I can't see one of the guys face, it's just an Error for me.

wow it's really cool madness movie
and music very cool
5 stars/ 5 stars

move is fine. Can't say same about the music tho