Reviews for "Lana's Tentacruel Lust (18+ Commission)"

I like it, but I honestly cannot tell any difference in terms of animation speed, whether I have Quality on 'high' or 'low'. In fact, the animation seems to lag so much on low that the audio skipped the animation, leading to waiting about 30 seconds for the animation to finish the cum shot.

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, this is definitely my most graphics-intensive project...I noted the quality button didn't do much to ease up lag on older machines, but I never had it actually slow down more. I did notice a bit of increase in FPS from disabling other animated aspects of the background and foreground, so the other buttons to stop those effects should be more helpful!

nice animation, very clean, easter eggs are honestly the most fun things about these kinds of games.

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you! The easter eggs are fun to create as well :D

the game was good i just want to say some things IMO.
1. no sex with a person to person
2. more sex scenes in general
3. pls no more troll easter eggs i deciphered the fishing rod and it says
"stop clicking there is no secret here"

still a great game in general, those are my only suggestions :D
(correct me if im wrong >.<)

EroPharaoh responds:

Thanks for the review! Unfortunately since this is a commission, I have to move on once I completed what was paid for - gotta keep it going!

I also have to say, asking me not to do troll easter eggs only makes me want to do it more. But I probably won't - this one's kind of riffing on all the ridiculous fake Pokemon game myths/secrets, so I thought it fit. ;)

I love the game, but what's with the weird text from the fishing pole? Am I missing something?

EroPharaoh responds:


They are the Pokemon "Unown", and they display a message when deciphered. ;)

and that's why tentacool would be my starter Pokemon

EroPharaoh responds:

That's right! ;)