Reviews for "Lana's Tentacruel Lust (18+ Commission)"

This is definitely my favorite animation on this site. The attention to detail you put into this is amazing. The fluid animation, the accuracy to the official art style, the number of settings you put in to customize, the secrets...but my favorite addition of all is the dialogue and the very short story.

A lot of NSFW animations, comics, and art always depict sex or pervy interactions happening in a vacuum with zero context. And what's worse is that the characters in these tend to be extremely out-of-character. It just takes me out of it. I also like a reason for the sex happening, even if it's for a silly or simple reason--as long as it makes enough sense given the world, I like getting immersed. And the fact you wrote so many lines of dialogue for Lana that kept her in-character absolutely MADE the animation for me.

It felt so refreshing to finally find someone who kept the character(s) in something like this true to how they are canonically, even with the perverted stuff happening. It was really fun to see all the quips Lana made before they started repeating, and that was by far my favorite addition with how much you paid attention to canon here. Turning characters like Lana into bland sex puppets and removing the quirks that made them who they are just make everything same-y, you know?

Bonus points for keeping the authenticity of using the same font and same look of the dialogue boxes, too!

I really want to support your work, but money is super tight for me, so I'll for sure follow you and Trina instead and support the both of you guys the best I possibly can!

Nice little game

I love how Lana sleeps if you don't do any commands for a while.

I thought I outsmarted Ero for once but I failed once again and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing because it just shows how much attention to detail they put into their animations.

The fluid movements, the good quality of the art, the playful way you make your players puzzle out the easter eggs (until more or less you troll them smh), I love this to death. The voice actress was amazing as well! Keep up the good work my dude.

My game of choice

Man, this is amazing, cant lie