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Reviews for "Morse Command"

One of the best new titles I've seen on Newgrounds. It's a great retro game and a good way to learn Morse code. The problem with it like many other games showing up on the site nowadays is it isn't nearly finished. It's a few levels and then it's over. What I'd like to see from it instead of a puzzle experience a mode with randomly generated levels and different types of weapons. This could be great if fully constructed, and a bit more action orientated.

Really liked the premise of this game! It's also a great way to learn Morse code. I suggest expanding the game and adding more levels, like others have said

Awesome game

Mantis1 responds:


It's a bit worrying to play an arabic game about planes flying into buildings..

Mantis1 responds:

haha, xenophobia amirite!?

(if it isn't clear yet, fuck off)

I know Morse, so, this was a blast!