Reviews for "Huggernaut"

So, l must say its not just a character who can do what ever he wants, no, you made it for the player difficulty, because he can't jump at all.This, is what makes it so nice to play,
because everyone knows how to jump in such a game, right? Yet, he still has to get up and down, so you gave him the hock.

This is a really nice idea and l like the way you made both characters move around the same way.
if you take a step to the right, the other player does the same,but in a mirrored way,
which is another difficulty you placed in the game.
l must say this is some nice work you did there.

The character look pretty simple, but cute in their own way and l like how they bounce their heads around :D
Its not just a picture if you would just look at it, its an animation, because not only the players move, but also the bag ground.
Normally l could get bored most easily, but l could just stare at this bag ground for hours hahaha :3

What a challenge! Yet, I beat it. Nice job!

Really fun! This game has some interesting mechanics, and it's really fun to master and learn how to zoom around the map. The levels were challenging, but not impossible. I was hooked and I have now gotten the stars on all of the levels.

The game's great as it is, but there are two features that I think might be nice. The first is a more visible cursor. The current cursor is very difficult to see, and that makes it difficult to shoot precisely, especially on levels that require a lot of quick, fairly precise shots like level 20. A more visible cursor would make these easier. The second is a fullscreen mode, for increased display size and so the cursor can't move outside the screen at the start of a level.

Great work!

what a nice game thanks dude...love you

Nallebeorn responds:

Thanks, love you too random stranger <3

This game is just epic. Woah...