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Reviews for "A Hunter's Day"

So lovely! I believe this is literally just a sample of what the devs can achieve, or even a game that is made just for the sake and joy of making it. In the end, it is indeed the day of a hunter, nothing more to expect. Pretty lovely, and I don't think it needs to be longer at all! 4.5 because there could be at lease tiny little particles on hits. ;)

Kind of a barebones game. Walk up to enemy, swing a few times, it dies, move on. The story is cute, but there's hardly any content there. I assume the only reason it's listed as an RPG is because you plan on adding RPG elements over time, but as short as it is, it barely qualifies as a game.

Not to say it's not completely unredeemable. Graphics and sound are spot-on. Just add more game to the game. If you intended it to be this short, then there's no reason you couldn't make it a movie as there's no meaningful interaction with it.

Not trying to be mean, but it's hard to give something this scarce constructive criticism. You did good work for what work you did, don't get me wrong, but it's just too short.

It's a cute game! It could be a lot better if it was longer, and if you could choose what you buy with the monster parts (such as weapons, food, or something to give you a stronger attack or defense). A larger variety of enemies and making it a bit more challenging would make me rate the game 5 stars. Otherwise good job!

Good game, but only this? This was more easier than enything

Found a bug. After talking to your kids at the end you can keep pressing spacebar to trigger the chat sound and mess up the credits.