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Reviews for "A Hunter's Day"

Understandably "barebones" yet, the polish was quite nice. Your sprites look appealing and your color pallet was great! The swing of the sword was a little short, but from what I see is a developer learning the ropes. I think you did a good job and was a really enjoyable few minutes. Keep it up!

I understand it's short. And still, i'm giving it 5 stars, for it achieved what only a few could understand: it had good transitions from one moment to the other, it was beautifully decorated, the idea is somewhat original and somewhat funny as it is assumed that people here eat monster meat, and that the whole bit using the character and the sword against monsters were seemless. But as as an artist to another: it would do you best if you could veer away from zelda: a link to the past. you have to offer something else. or be an art reaction to the genre and the medium. it could be a change of weapon [what if you throw ropes and bind monsters?], a change in battle style [what if you sneak behind monsters to catch them?], you can add a character you were chasing on your map, then you both end up in the final boss area, or something else hahaha. as long as it doesn't look as much as zelda, i think it would work better. but five stars for the great copy. make more originals in the future :)

A good (and hard) arcade with rpg-game style :D

It has potential, but it's just so barebones.

It looks very nice. Still feel like maybe, this could have been a movie.