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Reviews for "A Hunter's Day"

The expression less is more suits this game perfectly its short and cute and i loved the memories of playing the old zelda games as a kid it gave me.

The animations were smooth, and the game was fun to play.
However, the mechanics were really basics, and it was pretty easy to finish.

cool little game im sure people would love for it to be continued sure its a quite common type of gameplay but its still pretty cool.

I wanna give this game a good review, because that was a really cute ending, but everything else about it was terrible. The game was horribly short, with no interesting mechanics. It just stole the combat from Zelda. You had no vested interest in the hunter. Nothing really *happened* at all. Playing this was a waste of time.

That was so sweet and adorable!! <3 <3
I really enjoyed everything that it had to offer, you should make another one if you are okay with it. That was very good! XD