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Reviews for "A Hunter's Day"

Good game and good simple story. Pixel artwork is great for the game :3

Great game, great idea, too short and little depth.

I mean, it is 4 star and not 5 because it would be unfair for other seriously deep games with medium long storylines. But this is one of the few times in my many gaming years that I feel bad giving 4 and not 5. When I was playing the boss fight I felt I was going to give you 5 but then the game ended.

Thanks a lot,

Short and sweet. I was prepared for a Legend of Zelda length slog but this had simple mechanics and a simple end.

Happy little game.

A near perfect game!
-The little imperfection is when your character is facing down, and you attack, the animation is a little smeared at the top left of your character.