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Reviews for "A Hunter's Day"

Could do with a mute button. The music is great, and the game is pretty simple. Pretty short.

Nice little game of your.
Really good looking title screen.
The enemies behavior after hitting them felt a bit random.
With some more content and polish this could be quite a nice game to play.

Good game and all but in the starting area, when i was 1 hit away from killing the 2nd mushroom it flew off screen and couldn't progress and had to restart, just a heads up.

cute game but needs to be more chalenging

far too easy for the mini mushroom just spam the z key and they can never touch you. for the boss you just walk and you will never be hit and it only takes 7 swings dodge the one attack and then 8 for the kill. would be nice if there were more obstacles like the spinning saw or if the monsters had ranged attacks to dodge in the bosses case perhaps more ranged attacks or give him the ability to move. other than that the game was short but sweet.