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Reviews for "A Hunter's Day"

This game is truely a wonderpiece. If you could expand the game into, say, a hunters month, and add a way to get hearts back, then it will be 2 times as good.

The game is short... But pretty lovely :)

First of all, l was playing it with headphones and it was crazy loud no mater how quiet l made it.
There was this one tone which would suddenly appear.
Another thing is that you can't walk and hit at the same time, which makes it a little harder.

The drawing styl is really cute ( also l love cats btw :3 ) and the small adventure is kind of adorable in someway.

Hope you make more awesome games in the future :D

Simple yet sweet!

Well I like the cute art style and simlpe gameplay, but there should be more then just smash z and repeat, but still I like it <3