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Reviews for "A Hunter's Day"

Great short story:
From the get going it is clear what is going on because of the title,
at no point do I feel lost in this game. I am a hunter
and this is a day of the life. There are some mushrooms that I hunt.
Simple clear gameplay: move and hit enemies to kill them.
Enemies block path, kill to progress.
Good difficulty curve: simple mushroom, yellow ball, bossfight.

I like how you made the game revolve around cute cats. The cat fighter, paw on the door
, paw forest. It gives the game some character and would have liked to see more of that.
Some ideas:
- Instead of fighting with a sword, what if you could slash them with your claws.
- An angry meowing sound when getting hurt / dieing
- Little double paw trail after you walk

Love how you end the story with a twist.
Usually the hunting story is out of revenge, or to make money to
get rich or buy better weapons to kill more.
But here it is about a momma cat that brings food for her children

I actually really like how short it is!

Wow this was fun, i hope that you can expand on this someday.

I hope that this was only a demo and that there will be more some day.

More of a demo by length, very cute! But please give us more!