Reviews for "Clock Day '18: The 'B'ee Game"

This game was more fun than I thought. I think it's probably because of how I was motivated to go on. That's really mostly because of the medals. It was still a very interesting concept. I should have known that was a stinger. I thought it was uh, something else at first.

There's more going on than you think. Happy Clock Day 2018! I think we got more submissions here than usual. I hope this website doesn't die out. If only B was submitted in 2000 because than we'd know the anniversary number right away.

BoltClock responds:

Oh, we all know what that stinger really is ;)

Yeah, medals do add tons of replay value to an otherwise really simple game. I'm glad you were motivated to play on and had fun!

I see you've been around for a while so I wonder if you remember how crazy Clock Day used to be back in the day. Over a hundred submissions!

Thanks for the thoughtful review!

What!! Cut scene 5 was crazy and I think you sould have a continue system cause level 4 was pretty long and boring should of added 2 more boost fun game and cool levels though please make more and more medals!


BoltClock responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll figure out a way to make level 4 less of a chore (sick rhyme, I know).

I played on a touchpad! Happy Clock Day

BoltClock responds:

Very cool! I loved your submission too and the story behind it!

This is the best game in the universe except I didn't get what's with all the clocks.

BoltClock responds:

We love you too Inglor!

ayy nice game BoltClock