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Reviews for "ClockTube"

The animation is pretty nice, and I like the concept. You provided some nice commentary on YouTube and the trashy types of attention-seeking YouTubers there are. Now, I know robot voices are the clock style, but I couldn't understand a lot of this. I found the jokes pretty funny when I could understand them. I guess I should have been reading the titles a bit more, which were also great by the way. I like how clearly it's shown that YouTube Strawberry Clock is manipulative and disingenuous. All the sketches were funny, but the Minecraft commentary was too good! It's nice that you returned to Newgrounds in the end, and thank you for creating such a legacy that has provided entertainment for many!

The animation flowed well, but it could of been slowed down. The Minecraft part was done nicely, and poking fun of You Tube never gets old. Great comedy. Happy Clock Day 2018.

this is why newgrounds is mostly better then youtube! (to me atleast)
AKA it was funny

Finally, Pupe Muppet appears in a modern Video.

audio quality is bad but other than that this pretty much represents youtube at this point.