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Reviews for "Clock Day '18 retro"

Well, I really liked the music, it's more now I add it to my favorite because I liked the cover too much!!!


So this was pretty nifty I really like the "RETRO" idea here the dancing skellitons was very good a nice little animation you have here for clock day made a nice little entry, this was not short and was actually really good quality a bit differnt from what Im use to seeing with clock movies of the past, you should make more of these.

make more great clock films.


Against the clock, the living dance, until they are flesh and blood no longer... spooky goodness. Simple but: really works!


I wish you had put a jumpscare warning on this!!! When the movie began, I got very scareed! Then I realized that these are nice skeletons dancing, so I'll give you 5 stars

I like the idea of making a meme video on a stupid holiday, but why the skellingtons?