Reviews for "Strawberry's Strawful Quebst"

Easy: Pffff, TOO easy.
Medium: Easy again.
Hard: Wasn't so bad...

one of the besst games i've ever played, phantom cat. whoa

Was I supposed to play this as a music game? Cause that's what I did. SBC's singing voice is beautiful. AH OH EH AH EH AH BUH. like a choir of angels. except it's one guy who sounds like he's having a seizure.

PhantomCat responds:

a good ten minutes of making this game was dedicated to just pushing up and down over and over to do just that

Around the 10 years I have been on Newgrounds I have never experienced my eyes being in tormenting pain while my brain is concentrated on the pain but is also trying to figure out the fuck you pattern.

Well at the end, I got a medal.
100 points.
5 star.

fun game and simple lol was not aspecting the final level to be such a big step to impossible thanks for the blue track lines that does help out alot but the maze is so long I had to give up half way lol not proud of it but it was a bit of a eye sore lol great game please make more maze games !