Reviews for "Strawberry's Strawful Quebst"

I beat your fuck you mode now i need new wrists and a new keyboard lol but good game! i enjoyed it!

I really like the opening cutscene, especially the ending. This is a classic Clock Day tribute. It's very simple, but I kinda like it that way. The difficulty curve spikes suddenly in F You mode, but that adds to the shock factor. Thank you for the medals, by the way, they're a nice incentive and reward, especially the 100 point ooone. I like how you gave it zero points on the in-game notification, and how your enthusiasm suddenly shifted in that medal. The sound effects also provide a bit of entertainment, especially when you're moving fast. They're diverse enough to be entertaining. Where are they from, if you don't mind me asking? That last difficulty was pretty cool, and it kinda felt satisfying to fill the maze in with the line; thank you for that btw. There was a really long path that turned out to be an elaborate dead end, but otherwise I wish there were more long dead ends like that (there were a couple intersections with those).
Overall, it's a simple Clock Day tribute with a good sense of humor. Happy Clock Day!

PhantomCat responds:

yeah, i was completely checked out by the time it came to animating that. Figured I might as well make it a real cartoon and only take five minutes on it.

the sound effects were all from the newest episode of Game Grumps. it picks one of fifty ≤0.1 second clips from it. There was going to be more but I am a shit

AND YES THANK YOU the mazes are random though, I make my computers work for me

I give your review a 10/10