Reviews for "Strawberry's Strawful Quebst"

Beat it and it was hell

simple maze, i liked the difficulty increase, though while f you mode was appropriately excessive, it would have been much harder turned 180, starting you where the exit was and traveling to the entrance, because after the very first choice path literally every choice path was dividing the field, leaving you either heading obviously to the exit, or back in to the area that no longer had any use to go down, because it was closed off by your own path... i was actually fairly disappointed not bad though, Just... yawn.

i've lost all meaning for my will to live fuck everyone bye
(rlly good game tho)

Haha beat the last level in one straight line XD This was pretty interesting (not having the animation was just funny, so don't worry about it!)

when youre doing "fuck you" level and you cant stop XD its perfect :D