Reviews for "Strawberry's Strawful Quebst"

Beat it. Yay?

PhantomCat responds:

only you can decide

I completed last level but i dont get quests.

PhantomCat responds:

these are quebsts

Dear frustrated players,
Whether or not you realized it yet, these mazes are randomly generated. Ironically, some mazes are embarrassingly simplistic or could be down-right aggravating compared to the others- you will never know what true level of difficulty the maze will have until you play it.
In other words, don't reload the game/page and keep on going if you hope to get the Secret Medal, "Ugh," for ___ points. Good luck!

I have a suggestion- if you were to darken/increase the size of the lines (Strawberry Clock's trail) it will make it immensely easier to see where we've already been and help players speed up the maze finishing-time.

Job well done in creating a humorous, satirical spam game with a bit of a challenge to it.

Update: Sounds like we should be thanking you for giving us any track at all...I am humbled. Thanks for reading- it's great to know that users such as yourself care about feedback.

PhantomCat responds:

these people deserve no trail at all but i would green plus sign this review if that was still a possibility

Easy and good game but short.

After twenty minutes of migraine-levels of brain pain, i finally beat **** you Mode. Hard as hell, but amazing game.