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Reviews for "Save the World?"

Took a really long time to understand what to do. Wish there was an end result instead of an infinite loop of riddles though.

Rage game 4 stars.

This is actually pretty great for Ludum Dare. The game feel is good and the ambitiousness is suitable to the time frame.

Great concept, but there are some things that are bothering me:

-In the description, it says "2051" but it says "2042" in the actual game. It's not that big of a deal but hey!
-The game is really boring because it lacks randomization.
-Points counter?
-I can't drag sliders. Idk if it's intentional but meh.

3.5 stars rounds up to 4 stars!

It's okay. Interesting concept, granting some leniency for the sake of Ludum Dare. It would have been nice to see some randomization, and maybe a points counter. Otherwise a bit too easy to brute force with repetition.