Reviews for "Mayya Malyshka"

this is great, it reminds me of the tron legacy soundtrack. it sounds like the ost to an amblin kids movie from the eighties but with a modern outlook instead of a nostalgic one. it clicked my switch i dig it, did you ever play rayman 2 as a kid that's what it reminds me of sorta all mystic temple stage meets alphnso curon's gravity.

Phonometrologist responds:

Thank you for letting me know this. As far as Rayman 2, I haven't played it, but if there's any connections to the references you have made, I would say that Tron Legacy might be the closest as I have thoroughly enjoyed its music. I also remade Son of Flynn and submitted it here last year. I have learned quite a bit from that process.

You really managed to capture "something greater" through this piece. Part of the reason for why I love your music, is because I always feel that there is a lot of thought behind pretty much every piece. Pleasant music can be nice on its own, but it's even better if I feel it is accompanied by ideas and emotions. Naturally, I also like the fact that you simply tend to create really nice sounding stuff :p

I like the chords you used here, and the fact that the focus lies more on the atmosphere and on only a few sounds at once, as opposed to a clear melody. Like, there are always things going on in the background, but the focus is occasionally on the incredibly powerful vocals, on the recordings, or the slight shifts in chords and patterns. The piano and bass I feel are really nicely incorporated into this track as well.

Another great thing is the sense of continuity; even if there's a feeling of progress, with the constantly evolving track, the added instruments and so forth, the theme feels connected throughout. Let me throw it out there that the vocalists and your Guitalele playing friend did awesome jobs! They added a lot to the composition :)

I think you managed to produce this quite well too! I don't really have any complaints at this point, in the very least. I suspect I'll find myself listening to this piece quite a lot the coming weeks. Thanks a lot for sharing your music with us!

I'm also happy too see that you seem to be back to composing ^ ^

Great job, awesome track ;)

Phonometrologist responds:

A TL;DR on a review? Who wouldn't take the time to read what another has said on their piece?
I really appreciate your feedback. I wish I was back to more composing, but this was just really thrown together by mere inspiration as opposed to practice and discipline. You mentioned the Guitalele parts adding a lot to the composition, and I want to even further add that it wouldn't be near the same piece without it. To me it's more philosophical in its usage as that is what makes the piece personal amid a piece that can sound too synthetic and cold. Having the synths fused together with something not electric, and having a quiet/modest sound, landing the plane of the song to its ending reminds me of a person at home in their bedroom daydreaming. With all the journeys we may partake in in this life, there's nothing quite like being at home. An old Indian friend of mine once asked me what life would be described as by using just one word. I wasn't sure at the time, but he himself used the word "vacation." I think about how one might plan a trip: we have an idea what we want to do, and sometimes it doesn't always work out as we originally have planned. But the point is, as we do go off in our own little adventure (hopefully a pleasant one), in the end, we must go back home.