Reviews for "Reincarnation - When death calls"

The art is simple yet good, the plot is interesting, and the gameplay is simple, but still good; my problem is that it has frozen on me twice now on the same part and since there is no save function or skip button, I have to wait through the same cutscenes and play through the same parts again.

It keeps freezing just after I beat the first part of the cat level (note: I beat the game once already; the only difference in the playthroughs is that I went straight for the third toilet instead of playing through the first and second toilet).

Munguia responds:

Thanks for the comment and play, i just check the game i upload a new version with that problem fixed, thanks for the report

would have gave 5 stars if there was no toilets

Game is pretty linear, but it's a bit forgiven knowing it was made in only a week. Though, I do wish there were options if you decided to not follow the path.

The sound effects were funny at first, but after the second time they became annoying (probably because they were the only real sounds in the game).

However, saying all that, I did enjoy the time playing it (haha, God said "NO"), and it was a nice little time waster.

For the Penance medal, you have to wait until the clock in the bottom left hand corner goes to 100. Hence, waiting :).

This game looks very good. It has an interesting story. The puzzles are a bit too easy as well as the platforming. This is good for a game made in a week though. I wish if everytime you go to hell something changes like there is one more area you have to walk through. It will get progressively harder at times. Also, the maps are too linear for my liking. A bit more openness would do a tremendous favor for this game by making it better.