Reviews for "Reincarnation - When death calls"

I SAW THAT THIRD MEDAL'S DESCRIPTION. SO I WAITED. But the medal still shows it as locked. 5 stars.

The art is simple yet good, the plot is interesting, and the gameplay is simple, but still good; my problem is that it has frozen on me twice now on the same part and since there is no save function or skip button, I have to wait through the same cutscenes and play through the same parts again.

It keeps freezing just after I beat the first part of the cat level (note: I beat the game once already; the only difference in the playthroughs is that I went straight for the third toilet instead of playing through the first and second toilet).

Munguia responds:

Thanks for the comment and play, i just check the game i upload a new version with that problem fixed, thanks for the report

Short but great! And I fully support the message against those dogs breeding farms!
As for the detailed content, the part with the dog could use the "Who let the dogs out?" track and the cat stage - which I liked the most - reminded me of an old cartoon in which a black cat was helping a white cat by causing bad luck to a dog chasing it. Hey, you could make a game about a cat with such super powers!
Just one more thing: I don't believe I've ever seen such a HUGE Newgrounds medal ;-)
Good luck, I hope your game will be appreciated and awarded.

Just good ol' wackiness from Munguia as expected!

Thanks for the generous medals!