Reviews for "Reincarnation - When death calls"

Really great little game, thanks for sharing!

would have gave 5 stars if there was no toilets

This is a fun game all about being reincarnated. The controls work well, and there are no lag issues at all. Nice job for being made in a week.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

Legends say he's still waiting to this day to get out of hell.

Wow nice

So this was really nice and I really love what you did here with the "COLOR" it really stands out very "VIBRANT" the controls are easy and smooth good game play on this one, I would suggest to ad more medals though, You have Engineered something good here, you made it somewhat fun, and for sure entertaining, and I liked this for differant reasons, You even gave it a Professional look at times and that was a plus on things, And I think things could be better here, but ill suggest something at a later point in the review, but anyways this is a good start sofar.

I would suggest to ad more medals though