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Reviews for "Super Responsible Parent"

Excellent game for 72 hours

Who puts deadly spikes inside of a balloon castle!?
Game logic aside, coolibert jam submission!
Pretty simple in the platforming-bouncing aspect, but the inflating scenario was a fun twist that achieved pretty well the concept of the jam. It did make me wish that there were more times where you actually wanted the castle to inflate enough so that you could achieve some jumps, though.

Also I appreciate the intro with dialogs, it's not a common sight on jam games.

This is an okay platformer with awful level design. Sometimes i have to play a level multiple times because the terrain always get in the way. Mouth animation in the tutorial is lazy. Music is okay.

I really dig this art style. It's very unique and all and this is the first time I've played games like this. Who knew that an inflatable balloon thing could make such a unique game idea!