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Reviews for "Super Responsible Parent"

Progressively gets more difficult, music was epic. Movement was fun and dope. Overall a great game

This is one of the first running out of space style of games where I have felt both helpless and powerful at the same time. For a 72 hour game I must say this was impressive.

If this was your "worst", i would love to see your Best!

I want to know which material they used to make this bouncy castle. It doesn't pop after getting inflated too much or when a spike pokes it. I bet NASA would love to use it for their spaceships.

The graphics are fun, and I like the concept. The voice acting is not great, but I do like the intro and ending. The mechanics were cool, but the platforming was kinda awkward. It really did feel like I was running out of space. Maybe the somewhat slow performance on my computer contributed to that. I started out thinking the game was gonna be easy, but it was a decent challenge in the end. It felt hectic and you had to be precise, efficient and, in some levels, have strategy. The music was pretty epic, but repetitive too. I know you had time constraints though, so I can't really judge you. Overall, it had some cool mechanics and an interesting concept, as well as a charmingly silly sense of humor. A fun game to pass the time. I wish it was a bit longer though. Maybe you'll revisit it now that the Ludum Dare is over.